Check In

It is finally here! The day one checks in to Disney and official starts the journey to making magic or something like that. Rather than explain everything that is involved, I will just do a walkthrough, it will be that much easier.

I was very excited! I pulled up to the casting center ready to get moving.

Disney Casting Center . . . yup

Before I went, I had all of my onboard paper work complete (that comes to you in an email with more details about your sign-in date, do not worry, you will get it). That was very helpful because I got through casting in about 20 minutes! I thought it would be a lot like when I was a CP. When I went to casting as a CP we all showed up in a group and we went straight to the background check and that was it. This time they sent me all through out the casting building to several different offices.

When I arrived I was pleasantly greeted by a nice cast member who pointed to a line I was to follow. The entire main entrance was roped off to allow all the professional interns to know exactly where they needed to go. I went up the long ramp past all these fun images of Disney related movies and characters and I followed the ropes in to a large room. In that room I went between two tables, the first one I got my red envelope that told me when I would have traditions, it contained a letter from my manager, and some information on my maingate pass (more about that in a future post). The next able had a Human Resources repersentative who took several of my paper work, checked to make sure it was all correct, and confirmed my hiring details like my wage and the dates I was told I would be working. Everyone was so nice and super excited to have me there! I was surprised by them because they actually took the time to look at my folder and realize where I was from and that I had previously worked for Disney.

The next part was fun, I got to walk almost the entire length of the casting center. From that room they sent me on a journey to the next area. The casting center is like a labyrinth with lots of hallways and stairwells, luckily they had professional internship signs all over the place directing people like me to know where I was supposed to go! I passed offices, went down a stair well and passed many offices. Finally I arrived at my next destination where we quickly turned in my I-9 and I went in to a small room with two other people from human resources who asked a few general questions.

From there I went to the background check where they took my finger prints and asked me important questions about my past. Finally I went to the last room where they asked me if I was willing to comply with the Disney Look (they are big on that)! It turns out my hair was a little long for their tastes so I had to get a haircut before traditions starts (which for me is tomorrow). Also something I was surprised about, I am currently wearing braces and I have a power band elastic on my bottom teeth, it is colored because that makes life fun, you are not supposed to have that on your braces, it is against the Disney look, so I had to find an orthodontist to trade out my colored ones and get a clear power band, luckily I quickly found an orthodontist who does that! So remember folks, if you have braces and you are coming out to Disney, just get clear or white ones and save yourself the hassle.

After that it was all over and I had all the information I needed. The next step is that I start Traditions, Disney’s heritage orientation that all employees go through on their first day of work. Traditions is for me tomorrow at 7:45AM and if I remember right from my CPship, it is really fun!

And there is the Walt Disney World Professional Internship checkin, its really quick, actually kind of boring, but exciting at the same time, you have made it!


  • Make sure you have your IDs ready to go that they describe in the pamphlet. If you do not have them with you, then you are going to delay everything about your internship because they have to reschedule your traditions training, your first day of training, and everything else. Plus it is just a hassle to have to go back to casting later, make sure you have everything they list on your check in stuff.
  • Have your check in paper work you get in the email completely filled out, it will save you so much time!
  • Dress decently for the check in, you do not have to be in business professional but do not show up at casting like you would be going to the park, you have no clue if your manager will happen to be at casting that day and you want to show them you are serious at your time working at Disney.
  • Do exactly what the Disney look people tell you to correct. You do not want to show up at Traditions and be told “You are not in the Disney look, we will reschedule your Traditions training.” It can take several days to get a new open slot for you, just get rid of those piercings, change your eye wear, get your haircut, or hide those tattoos as they suggest or it is just going to throw everything off.
  • Talk to the other people checking in with you, they will most likely also be a PI and it is a great way to make some new friends.

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1 Response to Check In

  1. elizabeth says:

    i am so glad i found this blog today. it was a great source of info for the process leading up to starting a disney professional internship. i know i’m about two years late haha but if you do happen to read this, i was wondering if i would be able to talk to you about some follow up questions i had to learn more about the professional internship experience. if you’re not available, then thank you anyways for the wonderful blog!

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