I have been watching the Disney Professional Internship  – Fall 2011 Facebook group for quite some time now. Recently a lot of people have been getting rejections.

Rejections suck because they pretty much suck the life out of you and make you feel like a man who has been kept up all night by a baaing sheep. It just does not feel good and it can bring on so many feelings from sadness to anger.

I just wanted to say, I feel for you guys. I have met so many of you and you guys are amazing! Don’t let the rejection get you down. It happens to the best of us and it is nothing personal to any of you. Disney is a super competitive place to try and get an internship at. Learn something from this experience, you have probably learned a lot of what to do and what not to do, you have probably learned a lot better what Disney is actually looking for in a candidate. Apply again next time and you’ll be ahead of the crowd because you know even better what to do!

My suggestions for future applicants who might happen to get rejected:

  1. If you really have to work for Disney, apply to the College Program. That is a good back up! You might not work in anything related to your field of study, but you’re still working for the mouse!
  2. Apply to other companies to do an internship. Sometimes you just need to have other options so if one lets you down, then you can always have another place to go learn and grow. Although I am excited for my internship, Disney was not my first choice as a location to work this summer. I was rejected by dozens of other places for internships, luckily I got accepted for the Disney internship and you get to read my blog . . . yeah, this is probably the only internship I would actually make a blog for 😛
  3. Apply again in the future – learn from this rejection and get ready for the next round of interviews, they are only a few months away (Disney internship recruiting season is usually January to March for the Fall, and August to October for the Spring).
Rejection happens, what is important is that we learn from it and become awesome from our experiences of rejection.

This will cheer you up, a little pug with Mickey ears . . . oh!

About Eric Petersen

BYU Grad Student, Tech Enthusiast, Hopeful Entrepreneur, Mormon, Country Dancer, Domosapian, Pretty Much Awesome
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